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In April 1945 the assets of Towarzystwo Wydawnicze Muzyki Polskiej were transferred to Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne (PWM), based in Kraków, which had been organized earlier by Tadeusz Ochlewski. PWM was the only music publisher operating in Poland for many years after the establishment of the communist regime.
As for repertoire, there were three distinct parts. First there were works by Polish contemporary composers, both those reaching maturity in the 1930s such as Grażyna Bacewicz (1909—1969), and also the avant-garde school of the 1960s, including Penderecki, Lutoslawski Schaeffer and Gorecki. This was a continuation of Towarzystwo Wydawnicze Muzyki Polskiej's mission. Secondly there were Renaissance and Baroque works, maintaining the work of the pre-war Polish Early Music Press, founded in 1928. Finally there is a set of critical editions of Polish composers such as Chopin, Moniuszko, Wieniawski and Szymanowski.

Plate Numbers

Plate prefix is PWM (e.g. PWM 237, PWM 9414). A separate table could be created for items for which the prefix is something different, or PWM could be reinserted?

Plate Composer Work Year
237 Chopin Oeuvres Complètes - Vol.3: Ballades pour piano 1949
1614 Paderewski Introduction and Toccata, Op.6 (ed. Szpinalski) 1954
1833 Bacewicz Symphony No.3 (fs) 1955/1977?
1891 Bacewicz Symphony No.4 (fs, ed. Szweykowski) 1955
5109 Bacewicz Cello Concerto No.2 (cello/piano red.) 1964
5230 Boëllmann Suite Gothique, Op.25 (ed. Kisza) [1964]
5325 Bacewicz Cello Concerto No.2 (full score) 1964
6341 Meyer, Krzysztof String Quartet No.1, Op.8 (sc.) 1967
6489 Szymanowski Valse romantique 1967
6536 Bacewicz Divertimento for strings (sc) [1967]
6798 Meyer, Krzysztof 5 Utworów kameralnych, Op.18 (score) 1969
6822 Meyer, Krzysztof Piano Sonata No.1, Op.5 1969
6987 Meyer, Krzysztof Symphony No.1 (score) 1970
7134 Meyer, Krzysztof Symphony No.2 (epitaphium Stanislaw Wiechowicz in memoriam) (score) 1971
7157 Meyer, Krzysztof String Quartet No.2, Op.23 (score) 1971
7367 Meyer, Krzysztof Symphony No.3, Op.20 (Orphée) (fs) 1972
7408 Wiłkomirski, Kazimierz Symphonie concertante (vc/pf red.) 1974
7432 Wieniawski Rêverie for Viola and Piano (score; compl. by Weickmann, ed. by Kamasa) 1973
7578 Meyer, Krzysztof Piano Sonatas 1-4 (opp.5,7,13,22) 1974
7644 Meyer, Krzysztof Concerto da camera, Op.29 (sc&pt) 1974
8024 Meyer, Krzysztof Concerto da camera (sc&pt) 1968
8103 Meyer, Krzysztof Trumpet concerto, Op.35 (sc&pt; ed. by Timofei Dokschitzer) 1978
8107 Meyer, Krzysztof Solo Violin Sonata, Op.36 1978
8501 Meyer, Krzysztof Fire-balls, Op.37 (f.s.) 1982
8568 Meyer, Krzysztof Canzona, Op.56 (sc&pt) 1983
8569 Meyer, Krzysztof 6 Preludiów (violin solo) 1983
9414 Bacewicz Trio for Oboe, violin and cello (sc&pts) 1999
9460 Bacewicz Violin Concerto No.2 (vn/pf arr. by Cofalik) 2012
9473 Bacewicz String Quartet No.1 (parts, posth., ed.Stryszewska) 1997
9477 Bacewicz String Quartet No.2 (parts, posth., ed.Stryszewska) 1998
9921 Bacewicz String Quartet No.1 (score, posth., ed.Stryszewska) 1997
9922 Bacewicz Violin Sonata No.2 (sc & pt, posth.?, ed.Cofalik) 2000
9932 Bacewicz String Quartet No.2 (score, posth., ed.Stryszewska) 1998

Note re 7408- actually almost (entirely) definitely 1974, but score has "©1794" which could conceivably be a typo for something other than 1974... (It is not a faux-Classical-era work.) (The work was, according to notations in the reduced score, composed in 1950 and dedicated to Szymanowski.)

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