Otto Halbreiter

Typical early cover (1875)
Typical popular music cover (1929)



Otto Halbreiter started his company in Munich in 1875, and it continued until 1929. Hofmeister's Monatsbericht shows that it was a small publisher at first, only producing 1 to 2 items per year until 1900.

In the 20th century production increased to about 50 items per year. The catalog was mainly of popular music: male voice choruses, solo songs, and piano pieces. There were also some more serious works. One of the first publications was Franz Strauss' Variations for horn and piano. Later, in the 1920s works by Heinrich Kaminski (1886-1946) Joseph Pembaur (1875-1950) and Hermann Zilcher (1881-1948) appeared. One prolific song composer was Richard Trunk (1879—1968).


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  • Munich (1875–1929)

Plate Numbers

Halbreiter's plate numbers appear to have been issued in a fairly regular chronological fashion and appear with the prefix O.H. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
003 Strauss Introduction, Theme, and Variations, Op.13 1875
008 Tillmetz Nocturne for Flute and Piano, Op.11 (sc&pt) 1878
237 Kaminski String Quintet (parts) 1918
462 Fred Newpert Schienen-Gluck 1926

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