The Wishlist is where users can list scores that they would like to see added to IMSLP. This site strives to comply with Canadian copyright laws. Please do not add works to the wishlist that are not public domain or will not come into public domain within a year, as they can't be uploaded.

  • NOTES ON ADDING TO WISHLISTS: For best results from your fellow scanners, please follow these guidelines:
  1. Make sure the piece you’re requesting actually exists AND is in the public domain (not composers who died in the last 50 years or are still living unless first published before 95 years ago).
  2. Specify what scoring you’d like to see for a given work. Often times, especially with popular works, there are multiple “original” scorings and numerous arrangements.
    Do specify: e.g. full score? Vocal score? Parts? Arrangement or Transcription? First edition print or original manuscript?
    Do: keep it short.
    Please: add a link to a library catalog entry.
    Don’t add long details.
    Request only the specific work you need or want.
    Requests for “Complete works”, will be deleted.
    Requests for “All organ works” or “All piano works” will be changed to read “Any … works”.
    If you put manuscripts here, try to put also the edited version. It makes a lot easier for the ones who need to print the scores.

Large requests will be deleted or likely ignored - please limit your requests as it's already a long list! The rule of thumb is that a list for an individual composer longer than a page will very likely be removed.
Once you have filled a score on the list, please remove the title of the request. However, don’t remove a composer’s name once the last wishlist item under their name is uploaded.

List of desired pieces listed by composer:

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