Each file needs to be checked for public domain status. Only tag if everything is done to identify the file.
See also IMSLP:Copyright Reviewers, Public Domain. Please tag the Copyright Status as follows:

  • Unknown: Unreviewed
  • Non-PD: copyrighted, or doubtful public domain status.
  • Year: The year the work enters public domain on. Once the year is reached, this tag will function like PD/Verified.
If the work is already public domain, please use one of the public domain tags.
  • PD/Checked: Probably Public Domain (ex. from second-hand information), but the publication is not precisely identified.
This category contains also files submitted before implementation of the copyright status tag
  • PD/Verified: Publication is identified and in public domain.
This tag can be applied only if there is proof of public domain status!!
  • Urtext: Select this only if the copyright status entered is dependent on an Urtext interpretation of copyright law.
Even if a publication is Urtext, do not check this box if it is public domain according to normal copyright law.
  • Permission Granted: explicit permission is granted, or the included license allows, to distribute a copyrighted file on IMSLP.