All fields are optional except Last Name, First Name, and Time Period. Ideally, names should be formatted according to this guideline. Also, please read the score submission guidelines and guide/walkthrough before using any of the forms.

Also, make sure (i.e. double check) that the name of the composer is absolutely correct; correcting a wrong composer name after work pages have been submitted is a pain in the rear.

Do not create composer pages unless you intend to submit a piece to it.

Do not create composer pages for composers who are not in the public domain (died less than 50 years ago), unless you have a work that the composer him/herself allowed the distribution of under a permissible license, or a work that satisfies the criteria (published before 1923) for inclusion on the IMSLP US server.

Please use new style dates if both the old and new style dates are commonly used for that day.