IMSLP:Site development

This page serves to coordinate the technical development of the IMSLP site. This includes:

  • changes and additions to the Mediawiki code,
  • major changes to the overall site structure, the style sheets, or the templates.



  • Multifile template: multiple Sample Images (Preview Filename) not supported
This has been supported for a while, but not documented. Just use "Preview Filename 1=" etc; the file entry will fall back to the default "Preview Filename=" if no specific entry is found for that file. --Feldmahler 09:22, 17 June 2008 (EDT)
it's "Sample Filename 1=" etc, but doesn't work
  • Filetemplate is messed up in IE6
  • Search capabilities are seriously hampered by mediawiki. Add google search like on wikipedia.
  • Special:Upload does NOT show the custom warning in languages other than English
  • File template: if typeset, it should say 'Typeset Quality' instead of 'Scan Quality'
  • #iflang doesn't work with tables inside the function -- workaround uses the pipe symbol in Template:!
  • autotag on the work page dissapeared - on purpose?
  • Some pages failed to be updated by the bot (e.g. Quartet for Oboe & Strings, Op.37 (Dotzauer, Justus Friedrich)). They show up in Special:Uncategorizedpages.
  • link to IMSLP from IMDBP is red
  • something prevents the new languages (ca, da, ko, sv, zh) from being added to the left pane. They are temporarily commented out in OtherLangs:Main Page.
  • Bug in downloading file versions: see [1].

Development projects

Current projects

Submission system

  • Add an upload progress meter using code found here.

Imaging System Related


  • Expand category intersection logic to include AND, OR and NOT.
  • Add support for translating page names, based on this patch.
  • Add a selector for Original Work/Collection/Transcription/etc. in the add file special page.
  • Make category intersections visible in the page (unless this feature is somehow replaced)


  • Organisation of non-score pages with categorisation, navboxes and Sitemap
  • A documentation project should review the readability of the FAQ, Help Page, Submission Page Texts, Copyright-related pages
  • Clean up deprecated copyright templates

Completed projects

  • Date internationalization Make the dates appear in the correct language, in particular on the composer pages.
Status: Done. Related forum thread
  • Main Page Redesign the main page.
Status: Done. Related forum thread
  • Copyright tagging Tagging system to identify copyright status.

See also

  • Changelog
  • Bug reports - Feature Requests - Please start a thread in the forum to discuss it, and link it from this page.
  • Drafts page - showcase for new designs