IMSLP:Sibley Mirroring Project


Sibley Music Library (University of Rochester) has asked us to mirror all of their online archive which is expanding daily as a result of a recent grant. Automatic mirroring is impossible because the computer does not know which work page a Sibley file goes on. Therefore this project is created with the intention that IMSLP users can supply this information, with almost all of the other file and publication information being supplied by Sibley’s web page.

How to Get Involved

This is not a traditional IMSLP project, and anyone can immediately participate. There is no scanning or uploading required (the uploading is done by the server), and in only a few minutes you will have expanded the IMSLP collection!

If you have some experience submitting files to IMSLP, the project is basically mirroring the Sibley Library using the Sibley Uploader, which you find in the Sources of the Add Score button at the top right of every work page.

If you get stumped, just ask for help in the IMSLP Forums, or ask one of the active members of the project below.

Project Members

(Feel free to add yourself to this list)