Here is the page to put tasks that are related to the maintenance and development of the IMSLP site.


Technical development

For projects and proposals involving technical changes and additions to the Mediawiki code, or to style sheets, templates, etc., please see: Site development.

Content and policy development

  • Set up a policy and standard emails about WIMA contributions
Contributors: Peter talk
Status: Planned

Featured Scores

Find Featured Scores. The goal of this list is to make IMSLP more attractive, similar to the featured articles on Wikipedia.

  • Featured scores should be ideally a completed series of scores In good quality, and should be identified publications. So the files should be checked by users before they can be put on the main page.
  • Other ideas for this lists are welcome, let your imagination go wild. E.G. a list with all the Paganini-variations (Note: this list can now be found Here, as well as this, this, and this), etc.
  • The list can be edited by clicking the link on the front page, or here : IMSLP:Featured. Suggestions are welcomed wholeheartedly!

Contributors:-- Snailey Yell at me Email me
Status: Controlled, one per day on weekdays.

Amazon Links

  • The goal is to have every IMSLP score with a reprint or original version available on Amazon linked to IMSLP.
  • Syntax:{{AmazonLinks|ISBN}}. Make sure that the exact edition is there!

Contributors: -- -- Snailey Talk to Me Email me 17:53, 1 May 2009 (EDT), Carolus.


  • Inspect uploaded files or work pages that miss essential info.
    • Every file should have some publishing information as proof of being in public domain. Also check the PDF File Properties in your pdf reader, where additional source information could be found. Make sure the files are in public domain
    • Comments about the quality of the file are welcome.
    • Check for double work entries.
  • Tag pages with templates according to their status. The template will add a warning text and a category inclusion.
    • Tag work pages that are proposed as ready for deletion with {{Delete}}. The files are listed here Category:IMSLP:Articles for Deletion. Please argument your inclusion.
    • Tag pages that require cleanup with {{Cleanup|Reason}}.
    • Tag pages or files that have a certain copyright status accordingly. A list of tags can be found in tables in Public Domain
  • Standardization of publication information format
    • Some publication information is given with the publisher name before the place of publication. This should be corrected as per the score submission guide ("<Place>: <Publisher>, <Date>. Plate <Plate number>.") Also fix any other format inconsistencies.
  • Update work lists


  • Further dig out the Web Site lists and add more info to IMSLP:Contributing scores
  • Clean up and expand Help:Editing
  • Add links to IMSLP scores on the corresponding wikipedia articles, to make IMSLP more known.