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This project page concerns the acquirement of the Ruth Dana Collection of Liszt Editions from JUILCAT. See the forum topic for more details. If you want to volunteer, just add your user name to the list below.


Project Members

Active: Funper

Inactive: Scottorr, Dja

If you want to be a part of the project, just add yourself to this list.

Project Status

  • News (06/17/10): Project complete. --Funper 15:11, 17 June 2010 (UTC)
  • News (06/17/10): All 13 volumes and all files are completely uploaded on the site and placed on their work pages in Liszt's category. Just some checking and stylistic tweaks left to do.
  • News (06/16/10): 10/13 volumes done.
  • News (06/15/10): 8/13 volumes completely done. Foliation in Misc section. Misc info should only be on volume work pages.
  • News (06/13/10): New template to put on Ruth Dana's work pages.
  • News (06/12/10): 4/13 volumes have been ripped. All information has been added from Julliard and the scores have been submitted to their respective work pages.
  • News (06/10/10): Submission of color scans are permissible again. Project re-activated.
  • News (10/08/07): Submissions of color scans put on hold until early 2008. Monochrome conversions are still permissible.
  • News (10/05/07): Category:Dana, Ruth has been created for direct ripping of the collection. Currently, 2 volumes have been completely submitted.
  • News (08/30/07): Project started.

Color scans

All Color scans are ripped.

Monochrome conversions

How to convert

Monochrome conversions should be made with a lot of care in order to produce a good quality score. Direct conversions (through Irfanview or Acrobat) do not give optimal scores. I will update this section with more information soon.


Sonata, Piano, B Minor, Totentanz; Arr, Mosonyis Grabgeleit, Impromptu Brillant Sur Des Thèmes De Rossini Et Spontini, Ungarischer Sturmmarsche, Piano

Page 1, Nos. 1-12

Ab Irato, Adieux, Africaine. Marche Indienne; Arr, Africaine. Ô Grand St. Dominique; Arr, Alleluia, Piano, Années De Pèlerinage, 1ère Année, Années De Pèlerinage, 2e Année, Années De Pèlerinage, 2e Année. Supplément, Am Tage Aller Seelen; Arr, Apparitions, Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen; Arr, Aus Lohengrin. Elsa's Traum Und Lohengrin's Verweis An Elsa

Page 2, Nos. 13-24

Aus Lohengrin. Festspiel Und Brautlied, Ave Maria, Piano (1862) (2nd ed.), Ave Maria, Piano (1862) (1st ed.), Ave Maris Stella; Arr, Ballades, Piano, No. 1, Db Major, Ballades, Piano, No. 2, B Minor, Bénédiction et Serment, Berceuses, Piano, Db Major (1862), Bunte Reihe; Arr, Canzone Napolitana: Notturno Pour Piano, Capriccio Alla Turca Sur Des Motifs De Beethoven (Ruines D'Athènes): Pour Piano, Caprices-Valses

Page 3, Nos. 25-36 [Complete]

Chanson du Béarn, Choral Music. Selections; Arr Pastorale: Schnitter-Chor aus dem Entfesseltem Prometheus, Concertos, Piano, Orchestra, No. 1, Eb Major; Arr, Concertos, Piano, Orchestra, No. 2, A Major; Arr, Consolations, Damnation De Faust. Ballet Des Sylphes; Arr, Divertissement à La Hongroise; Arr, Dom Sébastien, Roi De Portugal. Marche Funèbre; Arr, Don Carlos. Auto-Da-Fé. Selections; Arr, Du Bist Die Ruh; Arr, Élégie sur des motifs du Prince Louis Ferdinand de Prusse

Page 4, Nos. 37-48

Ellens Gesang, D. 839; Arr, Episoden Aus Lenau's Faust. Tanz In Der Dorfschenke; Arr, Etudes D'exécution Transcendante, Fantaisie Romantique Sur Deux Mélodies Suisses, Fantaisie Sur Des Motifs Favoris De L'opéra La Sonnambula, Fantaisie Sur L'opera Hongrois Szép Ilonka, Fantasie über Ungarische Volksmelodien, Fantasie Und Fuge über Das Thema B-A-C-H, Faust-Symphonie. Gretchen; Arr

Page 5, Nos. 49-60

Festmarsch Zu Schiller's 100jähriger Geburtfeier; Arr, Festmarsch Zur Säcularfeier Von Goethes Geburtstag; Arr, Feuille d'album, A minor, Feuille d'album, A major, Francs-Juges. Ouverture; Arr,

Stylistic Guidelines

To facilitate tracking of submitted files, please add the template {{Danaliszt}} to the "Misc. Notes" field of the file entry. Also, please mention Juilliard School as the scanner by adding the template {{Danaliszt/color}} to the "Scanner" field.

For monochrome conversions

The "Scanner" field should be slightly changed to {{Danaliszt/mono}}

File naming

Upload the files as they are. No need to modify their names.