IMSLP:Community Projects/Cook Score Project

This project page concerns the scanning & posting of scores that have been donated by Mr. Cook. See the forum topic for details & to volunteer.


Project Members

Project Status


  • Klindworth, Karl
  • Ritter, A.G.

To Do

This is just a partial listing of composers with works to be done.

  • Albinessi, Carlo
  • Arensky, Anton
  • Bennett, William Sterndale
  • Blumenfeld, Felix
  • Bowen, York
  • Busoni, Feruccio
  • Chaminade, Cecile
  • Czerny, Carl
  • Goldbeck, Robert
  • Golinelli, Stefano
  • Gottschalk, Louis Moreau
  • Granados, Enrique
  • Grunfeld (Gruenfeldt), Alfred
  • Heller, Stephen
  • Herz, Henri
  • Hoffman, Richard
  • Huber, Hans
  • Jaell, Alfred
  • Kjerulf, Halfdan
  • Kopylov, Alexander
  • Korestchenko, Arseni
  • Liapunov (Lyapunov), Sergei
  • Martucci, Guiseppe
  • Poldini, Ede
  • Raff, Joseph Joachim
  • Reger, Max
  • Rosellen, Henri
  • Rubinstein, Anton
  • Saint-Saens, Camille
  • Schulhoff, Julius
  • Schytte, Ludwig
  • Severac, Deodat de
  • Smetana, Bedrich
  • Stcherbatcheff, Nicolas
  • Turina, Joaquin
  • Viole, Rudolf
  • Wihtol (Vītols), Jāzeps
  • Winding, August


The following must be checked for each score to be submitted:

  • Copyright status.
  • Whether it is a duplicate of a file already on IMSLP.


When submitting any scores from this project, add the template {{Cook project}} to the "Misc. Notes" field of the file entry.