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This is the News page for the contributing community. The news will also appear in the Contributor Portal. Older news items should be enclosed in <noinclude>-tags, so that they are no longer displayed on the Portal.

News that may be of interest also for the non-contributing users should go on IMSLP:News. Those will appear on the Main Page.

  • 23 August 2011 — Help needed to merge the Werner Icking Music Archive into IMSLP!
  • 4 August 2011 — The new Main Page design is live! Help is needed translating the main pages into other languages.

News archive

  • 19 June 2011Typesetting guidelines have been posted, with a companion article in the IMSLP Journal.
  • 30 August 2010 — Congratulations to our newest CR, BKhon and admin, Schissel!
  • 27 August 2010 – New community project Translation of the Week‎: help us create and update the translations of the most important project pages
  • 31 May 2010 – Congratulations to our newest (and much belated :) CR, Funper!
  • 20 March 2010 — After almost 11 weeks of the tagging project, 31 of the existing 60 genre categories have been completed, and just over 50% of all the works on IMSLP have now been tagged by the new categorization system!
  • There is now a Composer Stubs category, to help organise finding more information on obscure composers.
  • A new page lists second hand music stores across the world.
  • December 9, 2008 - New project for site documentation — please help!
  • September 7, 2009 - Congratulations to our newest Admin, Supertchan!
  • August 29, 2009 - Congratulations to our newest Admin, KGill!
  • July 29, 2009 - Congratulations to our newest Copyright Reviewer, Kcleung!
  • July 13, 2008 - Collapsible tables supported - same syntax as in Wikipedia.
  • July 12, 2008 - The user instrument category Flute/Recorder is split into flute (fl) and recorder (rec).
  • April 8 - I reformulated the aims of the community projects. Please review. (Peter talk)
  • 28/05: Work lists are created for compositions of Brahms, Mozart and Reger. They are copied from Wikipedia and need to be conformed to IMSLP. Also new category Category:Composition Lists -- Peter talk
  • 27/05: File upload and submission are now integrated on one page! Separated process is still possible for files already uploaded.
  • 11/09: Welcome to our newest admin Mcroskell!
  • 14/07: I made a template {{Oldtrans}} for tagging outdated translations (of which there are a lot). Please tag all pages that need an updated translation, in particular critical pages as the home page or public domain. (by Peter talk) replaced by {{AutoOldtrans}}
  • 17/06: The work page copyright auto-tagger is up and running. Please read this page for information on this feature, and the work that has to be done now that this feature is up (but hopefully will be less in the long run than manually tagging the pages :)).
  • 13/06: Babel and IMSLP Instrumentists have been introduced. For questions and comments, please use this forum thread.