Not every IMSLP contributor speaks the same language. To aid multilingual coordination, users are invited to indicate which languages they speak by putting the Babel templates (originally introduced on Wikimedia Commons) on their user pages.

To find users who speak a certain language, please see Users by language.

How to add your language level to your user page

  • Start off with {{Babel|
  • Next add one of the following codes for each language you speak, separated by |, where xx is the code for the language:
    • xx for native or near-native level
    • xx- for a level that is sufficient at least for basic communication but below near-native level
  • Then finish by adding closing brackets: }}

So, for example, {{Babel|en|de-}} would indicate a native speaker of English with some knowledge of German.

Creating additional templates

If you find that a template for a certain language is missing, you can easily create it yourself. In the following, "XX" always represents the two-letter code of the language for which you want to create a template

  • If they don't exist, create the two categories "Category:User XX" and "Category:User XX-N" with the content
[[Category:Users by language|XX]]
  • Create the templates "Template:User XX" and "Template:User XX-" by copying Template:User en and Template:User en- respectively. Translate the text and don't forget to replace all occurrences of the code "en" with the code for your language.
  • Add to your user page and enjoy.

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