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Add a link

Add a link to an external (outside IMSLP) site

Use the format: [http://URL_to_link_to "name of link"]

i.e. [ go nowhere] will include the link go nowhere

The link must open with the bracket [ then contain the complete link URL, including the http:// and a space before the text to be used as the name of the link. Finally, the link must be closed with the ] bracket.

Add a link to an internal site (within IMSLP)

Use the format: [[title of IMSLP link page|name of link]]

i.e. [[Public domain|Information about 'public domain']] will be shown as Information about 'public domain'.

As shown above, the link must open with double brackets [[, and include the title of the IMSLP page you want to link to. The vertical line | (also called the pipe after a similar construction in *nix) is optional: when present, the text after the vertical line is used as the name of the link; when absent, the title of the page itself is used as the name of the link. Don't forget the closing brackets ]] at the end!

Add colored message boxes

Use your wiki, html and css knowledge, or use one of our templates.

  • {{Graysmallbox|(add content here)}} - Template for a small gray message box with thick border
  • {{Bluebox|(add content here)}} - Template for a blue box with IMSLP colors
  • {{Bluefatbox|title=(add title here)|body=(add body here)}} - Template for a blue box with fat borders, title and text
  • {{Redfatbox|title=(add title here)|body=(add body here)}} - Template for a red box with fat borders, title and text

Add a navigation tree

Use the template {{Navtree|1|2}}, with the top level page title where 1 stands, the second level where 2 stands, etc. Up to four levels are supported in the template.

Omit the table of contents

Place __NOTOC__ anywhere in the page.

Redirect a page

Use #REDIRECT [[Link]]

Usually Redirects are only needed where a composer is known by more than one name regularly, and you wish to allow searching from either name, or if you wish to allow searches for names with diacritics, where the diacritic is not in common use. In this case the redirect should be placed on the page devoid of diacritics, and should point correctly to the accepted name on IMSLP. If you believe that the most commonly used and accepted name is not being used, please contact a moderator with the link to the page so that it may be moved properly.

In the event of a work being known by two separate names, then a redirect should point towards the page where the work was first uploaded.

In the case that a name is ambiguous, for example in Ravel's Ballet "Daphnis et chloé", where the composer produced both a full Ballet score and two Suites, the redirect should point to the main work, and links should be placed on that page to enable access to the suites without having to search for them directly.

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