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If you just want to contribute music scores to IMSLP, you normally don't need to create new pages by yourself, since this will be done automatically by the appropriate forms. Simply follow the steps in the Score contributing manual.

This page describes how to manually create new pages, e.g. for supplementary pages like work lists, publication information, etc.

Creating a "red link"

This is the preferred method for creating new pages, since it ensures that the new page will be immediately accessible from a link on some other page.

Simply edit an existing page and insert a link to the page you want to create, like this:


where you replace PAGETITLE with the title of the page you are going to create. When you save the page, this new link should appear in red, thus indicating that a page with this title does not yet exist. Clicking the red link will take you directly to an edit form that allows you to create the new page. As soon as you save the new page, all links pointing to it will turn from red to blue, thus indicating that this page now exists.

Manipulating the URL

Use this method only if you don't want to link your new page from any other page. Note that such pages may be hard to find, unless you add some category links to them.

While you are looking at any wiki page (e.g., this one), you will notice that the page title appears in the URL (the address bar line of your browser), with spaces replaced by underscores '_'. Simply change the page title in the URL to the title for your new page. After hitting return, you should get a message saying that the requested page does not exists. There should be an "edit" link on top of this message, which takes you to an edit form that allows you to create the new page.