Boyer was a short-lived Parisian publisher of the classical era.

In 1775 Charles-Georges Boyer (1743 – 1806 or 1807) married into the Le Menu family, which had a music publishing company, originally started by Christophe Le Menu in 1758. In 1783 he took over his stepmother's firm, and then in 1784 bought Jean-Baptiste Venier's publishing firm. After about ten years, in 1796, he sold his business to publisher Jean-Henri Naderman .

Boyer published works by mainly foreign composers: Boccherini, Cambini, Clementi, Lorenziti and Sarti, Haydn, Stamitz, Vaňhal, Kreutzer, Leopold Kozeluch and Sterkel.

Hoboken in his well-known thematic list of Joseph Haydn's compositions lists Boyer among the first publishers of many of Haydn's later symphonies (in the form of orchestral parts and in arrangements.)


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  • Boyer et Le Menu


  • Paris : 1778-1796.
Rue du Roule [1778-1783].
Rue Neuve-des-petits-Champs [1783-1785].
Rue de Richelieu [1785-1793].
Rue de la Loi [1793-1796].
  • Enseigne(s) : A la clef d'or

Plate Numbers

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Plate Composer Work Year
029 Cambini 6 Flute Quartets, T.145-150 1785
236 Dussek Piano Concerto in E-flat major, C.33 1787
260 Ragué 6 Duos for Violin and Viola, Op.11
263 Gebauer 6 Trios, Op.4
271 Cambini 3 String Quintets, Book 3 1787

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