Baroque and Classical Pieces for the Piano (Herring, Francis)

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Jurabe (2013/9/10)

5 more: 2. Haydn: Die sieben Worte des Erlösers am Kreuze • 3. Corelli: Morceaux célèbres • 4. Kuhlau: Piano Sonatinas, Vol.2 • 5. Various: Menuets célèbres • Covers

PDF scanned by jurabe
Jurabe (2013/9/10)

PDF scanned by jurabe
Jurabe (2013/9/10)

PDF scanned by jurabe
Jurabe (2013/9/10)

PDF scanned by jurabe
Jurabe (2013/9/10)

PDF scanned by jurabe
Jurabe (2013/9/10)

Arranger Franz Behr (1837–1898)
Louis Köhler (1820–1886)
Richard Metzdorff (1844–1919)
Émile Tavan (1849–1929)
Louis Winkler (1820–1886)
Editor Various
Publisher. Info. Braunschweig: Henry Litolff, n.d. Plate 3426 (1), 10241 (2), 10897 (3), 10197 A-C. 10198 A-D (4), 10781 (5).
Misc. Notes From the uploader's library. The whole bound volume is scanned 600dpi in A3 2 pages at a time. Some pages have been rearranged for conveniency purposes in the last item (title page and index) so that everything fits neatly without any blanks.
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General Information

Work Title Classical Arranged and Original Pieces for the Piano
Alternative. Title
Composer Herring, Francis
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 5 sections
  1. Schubert: 22 Selected Songs (arr. Richard Metzdorff)
  2. Haydn: Die sieben Worte des Erlösers am Kreuze (arr. Louis Köhler)
  3. Corelli: Morceaux célèbres (arr. François Behr)
  4. Kuhlau: Piano Sonatinas, Vol.2 (ed. Louis Köhler)
  5. Various: Menuets célèbres (arr. E. Tavan, Louis Winkler)
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Early 20th century
Piece Style Classical
Instrumentation Piano
Extra Information This volume once belonged to the uploader's great-uncle, William Gunner, an amateur musician who lived for some time in Tiverton (Devon), like Francis Herring. The carefully handwritten additions are probably Herring's. The front cardboard covers were sewn together by the uploader's mother, but her son, the present uploader, was unfortunately less constructive when he thought fit (at a young thoughtless age) to scribble his name across the front cover. Partial information on F. Herring is to be found in the newspaper clipping W. Gunner added after the former owner's demise, but as this 'gazette' was/is no music magazine, it allowed other hobbies to intrude. And besides, there exists a discrepancy between the age of 90 presented in the newspaper which would put a date of birth of 1852 whereas MusicSack specifies 1862 which appears to be more in tune with F. Herring's biography. The journalist obviously had not marshalled his facts completely, a situation W.Gunner could not or did not care to correct either, with another pencilled annotation. The latter passed away well over 90 at Broadlands Retirement Home in Minehead (Somerset).

Köhler's arrangement of Haydn's '7 Worte' is based on the orchestral or choral version, as is made clear by A.Herring whose pencilled annotations do not come out well when scanned. Thus, we have a footnote for n°4 p.11, referring to the last stave but one, 4th measure which is marked with a (2) : "Qtt. (=Quartet) DC. with an added bar/if played with Qtt. the strings omit added bar (1) and proceed to (2)". On page 12 the closing measure is annotated thus : "In Qtt. the strings finish here & omit next page (not int Qtt.)". A similar remark is attached to n°5 p.15 stave 4, measure 3 : "Qtt. has D.C." and on page 20, end of stave 1 : "Qtt. has DC"

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Section Listing

Schubert: 22 Selected Songs

  1. Erlkönig, D.328
  2. Gretchen am Spinnrade, D.118
  3. Heidenröslein, D.257
  4. Der Wanderer, D.489
  5. Lob der Tränen, D.711
  6. Sei mir gegrüsst, D.741
  7. Die Forelle, D.550
  8. Frühlingsglaube, D.686
  9. Die junge Nonne, D.828
  10. Des Mädchens Klage, D.191
  11. Ave Maria, D.839
  12. Du bist die Ruh, D.776
  13. Lied der Mignon: Nur wer die Sehnsucht kenn, D.877 No.4
  14. Auf dem Wasser zu singen, D.774
  15. Der Tod und das Mädchen, D.531
  16. Rastlose Liebe, D.138
  17. Schäfers Klagelied, D.121
  18. Jägers Abendlied, D.368
  19. Wandrers Nachtlied, D.768
  20. Rosamunde: Der Vollmond strahlt auf Bergeshöh’n, D.797 No.3b
  21. Ständchen von Shakespeare, D.889
  22. Geheimes, D.719

Haydn: Die sieben Worte des Erlösers am Kreuze

Die Worte des Erlösers am Kreuze, Hob.XX:1

  • Introduction: Maestoso, adagio
  • No.1. Largo
  • No.2. Grave e cantabile
  • No.3. Grave
  • No.4. Largo
  • No.5. Adagio
  • No.6. Lento
  • No.7. Largo
  • Il Terremoto: Presto e con tutta la forza

Corelli: Morceaux célèbres

  1. Preludio: Grave (A major) (Op.5 No.6 I)
  2. Giga: Vivace (B major) (Op.6 No.11 VI)
  3. Sarabanda: Largo (E minor) (Op.5 No.8 III)
  4. Gavotta: Allegro (F major) (Op.5 No.10 IV)
  5. Preludio: Adagio (G minor) (Op.5 No.5 I)
  6. Gavotta: Allegro (F major) (Op.6 No.9 IV)
  7. Giga: Allegro (G minor) (Op.5 No.5 V)
  8. Adagio: Con espressione (D minor)
  9. Corrente: Vivace (F major) (Op.6 No.9 III)
  10. Gavotta: Allego non troppo (E major) (Op.5 No.11 V)
  11. Preludio: Adagio (E major) (Op.5 No.11 I)
  12. Sarabanda: Largo (B major) (Op.6 No.11 V)
  13. Giga: Allegro (A major) (Op.5 No.9 II)
  14. Sarabanda: Largo (D minor) (Op.5 No.7 III)
  15. Preludio: Allegro energico (F major)

Kuhlau: Piano Sonatinas, Vol.2

3 Sonatas, Op.60 and 4 Sonatinas, Op.88, by Friedrich Kuhlau

  1. Op.60 No.1 (F major)
  2. Op.60 No.2 (A major)
  3. Op.60 No.3 (C major)
  4. Op.88 No.1 (C major)
  5. Op.88 No.2 (G major)
  6. Op.88 No.3 (A minor)
  7. Op.88 No.4 (F major)

Various: Menuets célèbres

  1. J. S. Bach: 2 Menuets de la Sonate pour Violon No.6, BWV 1006 (E major)
  2. Beethoven: Menuet original (E major)
  3. Beethoven: Menuet original, WoO.10 No.2 (G major)
  4. Beethoven: Menuet du Septuor Op.20 (E major)
  5. Beethoven: Menuet de la Sérénade Op.8 (D major)
  6. Boccherini: Menuet du Quintette Op.23 (E major)
  7. Boccherini: Menuet célèbre du 11ème Quintett, Op.11 No.5 (G.275) (A major)
  8. Boccherini: Menuet du Quatuor Op.39 No.1 (G major)
  9. Gluck: Menuet d'Alceste, Wq.44 (D major)
  10. Gluck: Menuet d'Alceste, Wq.44 (A major)
  11. Gluck: Menuet d'Iphigénie en Aulide, Wq.40 (A major)
  12. Haydn: Menuet du Boeuf, Hob.IX:27 (C major)
  13. Haydn: Menuet de la Symphonie, Hob.I:102 (B major)
  14. Haydn: Menuet de la Symphonie, Hob.I:95 (C minor)
  15. Haydn: Menuet de la Symphonie Militaire, Hob.I:100 (G major)
  16. Haydn: Menuet de la Symphonie, Hob.I:97 (C major)
  17. Haydn: Menuet de la Symphonie de la Reine, Hob.I:85 (B major)
  18. Haydn: Menuet de la Symphonie La Chasse, Hob.I:73 (D major)
  19. Haydn: Menuet de la Symphonie, Hob.I:88 (G major)
  20. John Loeillet: Menuet original (Suite No.1 from 6 Suites of Lessons for the Harpsichord) (G major)
  21. Lully: Menuet du Bourgeois gentilhomme, LWV 43 (G major)
  22. Lully: Menuet de l'Opéra: Atys, LWV 53 (G major)
  23. Lully: Menuet de l'Opéra: Cadmus, LWV 49 (G major)
  24. Lully: Menuet de l'Opéra: Armide, LWV 71 (A minor)
  25. Méhul: Menuet original (A major)
  26. Mozart: Menuet de la Symphonie, K.543 (E major)
  27. Mozart: Menuet de la Symphonie, K.550 (G minor)
  28. Mozart: Menuet de la Symphonie: Jupiter, K.551 (C major)
  29. Mozart: Menuet de Don Juan, K.527 (F major)
  30. Mozart: Menuet 8ème Quintette, K.614 (E major)
  31. Mozart: Menuet 13ème Quatuor, K.421/417b (D minor)
  32. Mozart: Menuet de la Symphonie, K.425 (C major)
  33. Rameau: Menuet original (G major)
  34. Muffat: Menuet original (B major)
  35. Schubert: Menuet de la Fantaisie Op.78 (B minor)
  36. Wagenseil: Menuet original (F major) (from Divertimento in F major, WV 38)
  37. Menuet (E minor) attribué à Lully (1700)
  38. D. Biancheri: Menuet (C major)
  39. Tavan: Premier Menuet (B major)
  40. Ancien Menuet (1735) (F major)